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Manufacturing Equipment Capabilities

CNC High Speed Vertical Machining Centers
3 4 axis CNC High Speed Vertical Machining Centers with max. travel up to:  X  60.63 in.   Y  29.92 in.   Z  25.98 in.
CNC Vertical Machining Centers
20 2, 3 & 4 axis CNC Vertical Machining Centers with max. travel up to:  X  58.13 in.   Y  24.88 in.   Z  24.13 in.
CNC Horizontal Boring and Jig Mills
1 4 axis CNC Horizontal Boring Mill Cinn. Gilbert with max. travel of:  X  72.00 in.  Y  60.00 in.   Z  35.00 in.
 W  74.00 in.
CNC Support Equipment
2 1 axis CNC Rotary Indexer and Tail stock with max. weight capacity of:    Vertical  2500 lbs.,  Horizontal  1200 lbs.
1 Right Angle Attachment with max. reach of 16.00 in.,   Can work in min. inside diameter of 4.250 in.
CNC Wire Edms
3 4 axis CNC Wire Edms with max. travel up to:   X  17.70 in.   Y  13.80 in.   Z  11.80 in.     
15 axis CNC Wire Edm with max. travel up to:  U +/- 2.90 in.  V +/- 2.90 in.  X  23.60 in.  Y  15.70 in.  Z  12.20 in.
Max Workpiece Dimensions:   41.30 in.  x  32.30 in.  x  12.00 in.
CNC and Manual Lathes
3 2 axis CNC Lathes with max. turning capacity up to:  max. turn dia. 16.54 in, max. swing 24.41 in., max. turn length 49.2 0in.
2 Manual lathes with max. turning capacity up to:  max. turn dia. 12.00 in.,  max. swing 15.00 in.,  max. turn length 30.00 in.
CNC and Manual Grinding Equipment
1 4 axis CNC Jig Grinder with max. travel of:  X  18.00 in.   Y  11.00 in.   Z  18.00 in.   stroke 3.50 in.
3 Manual Jig Grinders with max. travel up to:  X  18.00 in   Y  11.00 in.   Z  18.00 in.   stroke 3.50 in.
2 Manual 12 in. Universal OD-ID Grinder with max. outside diameter 12.00 in.,  max. Length between centers
20.00 in.
11 Automatic and manual Surface Grinders with max. travel up to:  X  32.00 in.   Y  16.00 in.   Z  18.00 in.
Manual Support Equipment
2 Manual Vertical power mills with max. travel up to:  X  36.00 in.   Y  12.00 in.
1 Manual Horizontal power mill with max. travel of:  X  72.00 in.   Y  16.00 in.
2 Manual Drill Presses.
3 Manual Radial Drills with max. radius up to:   5 ft.
2 Vertical Band Saws with max. throat up to:   26.00 in.
1 Horizontal Cut Off Band Saw with max. width 16.00 in.,  max. height 9.00 in.
1 Horizontal Hone with max. diameter 1.312 in.,  min. diameter .120 in.
1 Tap Disintegrator with max. capacity to burn 1.00 in. Tap,   Can be mounted on table or portable.
Material Handling Equipment
3 Overhead Cranes with max. lifting capacity up to:  7.5 Tons,  11 ft. lifting height.
2 Electric 2 Ton hoists.
1 Electric lift Truck with 1500 lbs. capacity.
1 Pallet Truck with 5,500 lbs. capacity.
1 Tow Motor with 12,000 lbs. capacity.
Tryout Presses
2 Tryout Presses with max. capacity up to:   250 Ton,  max. shut height 19.75 in.,  min. shut height 12.00 in.,  bed size 36.00 in. X 60.00 in.
Other press sizes available as needed.
Inspection Equipment
1 5 axis CNC CMM with Scanning-PC-DMIS version 2012 with max. travel of:  X  38.97 in.   Y  24.80 in.   Z  15.00 in.
2 Manual CMM with OFI version 15.3 with max. travel up to:  X  30.00 in.   Y  25.00 in.   Z  16.00 in.
17 Granite Surface plates up to:    4 ft.  x  8 ft. x 12.00 in. thk.
4 12.00 in. Height Masters with 8 in. risers.
2 Comparators with max. capacity up to:  30.00 in.  screen,  10x, 20x, 50x.
2 Rockwell Testers:   Wilson stationary type max. thickness 7.50 in. and Sun-Tec Portable Rockwell Tester max. thickness 12.00 in.
Numerous inspection support equipment, tools and gages.
CAD CAM Software and Design Equipment
5 Unigraphics NX5  3D Cad and Cam.
5 AutoCAD 2011 CAD.
1 AutoCAD Inventor CAD.
3 Visi 3D CAD, Modeling and Progressive die design.
3 Visi 3D CAM, Modeling and Machining.
10 Bob CAD version 21 for shop floor.
3 Logo Press 3
6 SolidWorks
3 CAMWorks
5 Copiers, Plotters, Scanners.
Analyses and Simulation Software
Offsite AutoForm services available.
Capability to do PAM STAMP 2G Forming simulations.
Enterprise Resource Planning Operating System
20 Made2Manage, ISO compliant,  Enterprise Resource Planning System.
1 Half Ton Panel Truck.
1 Half Ton Pickup Truck.
1 Flat Bed Truck with 16 ft bed
Project Management
3 Microsoft Project 2003 to generate timelines.
List of formats for File Transfer
Unigraphics .PRT    /    AutoCAD .DWG or .DXF    /    Visi  .WKF    /    Parasolid  .X_T    /    Step203 / Step214  .STP    /    IGES  .IGS    /    SolidWorks .SLDPRT
Data can be transferred on the following
4MM DAT Tape   /   100MB Zip drive   /   1.44MB Diskette   /   CD-ROM   /   DVD   /   Blu-ray Disc   /   Email   /   FTP   /   USB Flash Drive


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