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Product Design— Did You Think of Everything?

Improve Your Competitive Edge

Our Design Makes It Possible.  Early involvement of Jena Tool's engineering department in your product design may yield both quality and cost improvements, as well as enhance the functionality of your components.

Your product benefits from a:

  • Reduction of unnecessary operations
  • Improvement in manufacturability
  • Reduction in manufacturing costs
  • Optimization of materials

Our insights into design improvement are often enough for you to gain a competitive edge on your competition. Let us help you find those opportunities.


Faster Delivery Schedules, Higher Quality, Lower Prices

Our Technology Makes It Possible.  Our design engineers assist you and your engineering group with your design requirements. Utilizing VISI-Series integrated CAD/CAM system from Vero International (see complete list of CAD/CAM software we support), Jena Tool can effectively communicate with your designers. Contact us by emailing your drawings or models for review or quotation and one of our design engineers will contact you.

We never lose sight of your real-world concerns:

  • Lower Prices. 
  • Faster Quotes.  Faster Die Design.  Using One Step Finite Analysis allows us to develop accurate flat blanks from 3D CAD data in a matter of minutes.  This speeds the development of your quote in our estimating department and the design of dies in our engineering department.

    Dynaform, from ETA, allows us to analyze our die designs to ensure that our tooling will work before we cut steel, so our design is validated from the get-go.  Thus we have virtually eliminated the costs and time delays associated with unnecessary re-work due to late discovery in the project life.

Improved Quality, Performance, Reliability & Product Safety

Our Processes Make It Possible.  It's all about delivering what you ordered.  The challenge comes when those specifications change over time.  And they will change as technology, improved ergonomics, or user feedback changes. 

Through configuration management in our day-to-day activities, you'll get the product you expect and your product's quality, performance, reliability and safety will remain high.

We never lose sight of your real-world concerns:

  • Product safety.  Safety is never compromised.   We ensure that the product that was tested is the same product that is delivered, providing traceability throughout the production cycle.
  • Production Schedules.  The real world may require concurrent production of your first generation and second generation products.  Your component details, subassemblies and systems will be properly configuration managed to have the appropriate interface, interchangeability and performance necessary to meet your production schedules.

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Let our capabilities at Jena Tool provide you the production manufacturing support you need. 


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Available Technologies

Computer Aided Design & Simulation Technologies


The design and manufacturing departments at Jena Tool utilize the VISI-Series integrated CAD/CAM system from Vero International. 

Designed for tool and die applications, the VISI-Series are our key to providing customers with faster delivery schedules, higher quality, and lower prices.  For example, with VISI-Progress for progressive die design, we are able to order material when only 10% of our die design is complete and begin machining shoes and die blocks when only 20% of a design is compete.   Other benefits include overall engineering design time reductions of as much as 25% compared to our previous system and the elimination of CAD file translations between our design and manufacturing departments.  All these benefits impact the bottom-line for our customers with faster delivery times and higher quality – as well as lower value-driven pricing.


Jena Tool is committed to maintaining the highest level of quality and accuracy for your translations. We provide the translation that speaks to your project as it was drawn.

We offer high quality translation of:

  • STEP - .STP

One Step Finite Analysis

Jena Tool uses finite analysis tools from both Forming Technologies Inc. (FTI) and Engineering Technology Associates (ETA) in the design and development of our processes and tooling.  The Forming Suite from FTI allows us to develop accurate flat blanks from 3D CAD data in a matter of minutes speeding the development of quotes in our estimating department and the design of dies in our engineering department.  Dynaform, from ETA, allows us to analyze our die designs to ensure that our tooling will work before we cut steel, so our design is validated from the get-go.  Thus we have virtually eliminated the costs and time delays associated with unnecessary re-work due to late discovery in the project life.

Simulation and Animation

Our strategic affiliates extend Jena Tool’s capability in today’s competitive market, with increasingly difficult parts to manufacture; early planning can be the difference between profit and loss. Poor process planning can result in dramatic increases in both build and tryout time.

Forming simulation with PAM-STAMP 2G provides an effective way to verify that the best processing is being used to form your part. Verifying the forming process prior to starting the design also provides our customers with freedom to explore innovative ideas that will further reduce cost.

The tooling surfaces created for use in simulation are delivered with the simulation results. Providing these surfaces to both the designer and the machinist early in the project will insure accuracy in tool construction and reduce lead time.

The history developed during simulation can tell the die maker what does not work as well as what does work. With this added knowledge, the die maker can make an informed choice about the best course to follow.

Product Design & Development


Our design team employees the latest modeling and simulation techniques, making rapid prototype delivery for evaluation early in the design process, allowing you more time for a thorough analysis. Hard prototypes can be produced quickly and efficiently, supporting your program’s launch objectives. Without delay, you can refine your design to debug and enhance your product’s performance.

Process Design & Development

Equally important is the design and development of the supporting production processes that are necessary to turn your product design into reality. While our product design efforts focus on meeting your product objectives, our Manufacturing Engineers responsible for process design and development activities ensure you can meet your production goals with reliable, high yield results. Production Efficiency, High Quality and Personal Safety are paramount considerations when we set out to establish any manufacturing process.

Tooling Design & Development

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.
– Albert Einstein

Do you have an idea for a part or final product?  We have the technology, experience & imagination to make it possible.  We can:

The core areas for tooling design and development include the following:

  • 3-D model / design
  • Dies and Tooling
  • Fixtures and Gaging
  • Automation and Special Machines
  • PLC Design, Integration and Support  

Conceptual Design.  Jena Tool’s engineers realize there are many stages in a product’s development cycle; the design of that product is arguably one of the most important and earliest aspects. It doesn’t happen all by itself and it’s not always easy. You have to do your homework up front to ensure a reasonable chance of success.

It's All About Trade-Offs.  So, Jena Tool begins by assigning the product’s laundry list of requirements, by necessity, into “must have” and “would be nice” categories. Once this is complete, we can launch into one of the most interesting phases of your project — Conceptual Design.

The first step in designing any product is a thorough evaluation of its functional requirements. The goal is to find a balanced combination of design characteristics at a reasonable cost.

Result Is Economical, Efficient, Tangible Design. The part itself, processing, tooling, and machine-tool availability may all affect the extent of planning needed. Preliminary analysis may take a few hours for robust designs. We provide a rigorous evaluation of all these factors to ensure your concept can be turned into a tangible design in the most economical and efficient way.


Value Engineering / Value Analysis

Let our professionals evaluate your product to take advantage of both state-of-the-art and emerging manufacturing technologies to find a “better way” to design and build your product. Advances in composite materials and alloys as well as manufacturing equipment, tooling and software applications provide many opportunities to apply a “different point of view” to your product needs. Our personnel stay current with today’s technological pace and are always learning, adapting, innovating and applying the latest and greatest methods available to ensure the best results for you.

Reverse Engineering

For that one-of-a-kind or hard-to-find replacement part.  Send us your unique physical component.  Our skilled technicians will develop a lay-out and a working design, enabling us to manufacture that specialty part, when you need it.


Program Management

Whether you have a large multi-faceted program to manage or simply a one-off project, our diversified team provides the confidence you need to be sure the work effort goes smoothly and that communication lines are open at all times.

One Person Responsible. From the onset, we assign “one person responsible” to coordinate all aspects of your project. That person is in constant communication with all parties and tracks and reports progress to plan. Our Project Managers manage your program and are customer advocates and ensure your concerns have a voice in the process.

There will be no last minute surprises – every effort is made to be proactive, alerting you to any situation that could impact performance; as soon as the situation arises and is clearly understood you can expect clear and concise reporting and consultation should a remedy be required.

We’ll see you cradle-to-grave, when your project is just a concept, through complete design and launch, to support and service beyond the production requirements. Our commitment is to stand with you to underscore your success.

Advanced Product Quality Planning

Each Jena Tool Group company uses a planning process suitable to support its customers’ requirements; ensuring the quality of products and services is thoroughly addressed.

Work Planning is not done in a vacuum – we involve cross-functional, multi-disciplinary input from all affected areas of the organization, utilizing the wealth of expertise available within the organization. We draw from any one of the organizations in Jena Tool and also involve our key suppliers and customers according to the merits of the program or project.

The planning process is scalable to the rigors of the specific project; some utilizing a rigid, prescriptive approach such as APQP, while others may be more flexible. But all planning is assuredly robust to be certain your project is a success from day one!

Risk Management

Each and every project has a certain element of risk. Jena Tool circumvents that risk by ensuring a thorough analysis is performed and the project’s feasibility is confirmed by all affected parties.

We may use a structured Failure Modes and Effects Analysis or use a straight-forward Risk Analysis Form, whichever is most suitable, but the result of this evaluation ensures all risks are recognized and are minimized through active and effective management involvement and the systemic use of countermeasures to ensure error-proofing and appropriate preventive actions are employed.

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Let our capabilities at Jena Tool provide you the production manufacturing support you need. 


Contact us with questions or request a quote.



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